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PRX-T33 peel

PRX-T33 peel


PRX-THERAPY is a revolution of needle-free biorevitalization.

Each session is painless and consists in the application of a product that stimulates the skin's natural regenerative process.

Your therapist will develop a protocol for you based on the expected results, your aesthetic needs and skin type, and will schedule a number of sessions.

The first result is immediately visible after the outpatient session. The home treatment maintains the beneficial effect and enhances it over time.

PRX-T 33 is a cutting-edge patented medical device,

a non

injectable Borevitalization treatment to stimulate the skins

natural regenerative process.

Its unique formulation makes it non-aggressive on the epidermal layers, so no frosting is caused, which gives several important advantages: the treatment can be performed in the summer months too, it doesn't require interruption of the patient's social life,

the effects are immediately visible (although the full effect is reached after more than one session, and using the WiQo Cosmeceuticals home care range).

After the treatment carried out in the clinic apply daily


formulated to complete and prolong the skin stimulation.

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